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Criteria for Project Proposals:

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  1. Since limited resources applied properly and with the right timing can help more than a mountain of money and a large staff, Worldwide usually budgets projects for less than $1,000.
  2. Each project has an initiator or sponsor who has resources invested in the project and is committed to its success.
  3. Projects must have a built-in system of accountability with elements such as attainable objectives, timelines, fixed responsibilities, and monitoring. It is imperative that a project budget be submitted.
  4. Beneficiaries usually match the funds donated by Worldwide.
  5. Projects should cultivate independence and the self-sufficiency of their participants.
  6. Efforts should be made to maximize the use of volunteers and local contributions either cash or in-kind.
  7. Worldwide funds should, whenever possible, serve as catalysts and incentives that encourage initiative and creative innovation.
  8. Project funding should be edifying and useful to all participants, including Worldwide staff involvement.
  9. Projects should be focused on individuals and specific changes and not on institutions where funds seem to simply disappear into a large budget or unidentified process.
Please contact Nick Eastmond if you have a project idea and you feel it meets the above criteria.
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