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Worldwide Education and Research Institute (WERI)








Welcome to a very different kind of philanthropic organization.

Members of South Africa's Future Generation

Worldwide favors innovative, creative, and/or novel projects that focus on individuals and specific changes. Worldwide prefers that its involvement be edifying and useful to all participants, including Worldwide staff.

Worldwide almost always acts cooperatively with other donors by matching donated resources (physical or in-kind). It prefers, whenever possible, for its funds to serve as catalysts and incentives that encourage initiative and creative innovation. Its trustees and staff believe that limited resources applied properly and with the right timing can help more than a mountain of money and a large staff. Its projects usually cost less than $1,000.

Worldwide was incorporated in 1967 and is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, philanthropic organization whose purposes are educational, benevolent, religious, and fraternal. It provides technical assistance that reflects its international, multifaceted experiences.

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